What is Pocket Mail?

I created Pocket Letters™ (or pocket mail) as a new way to send letters to your new or existing penpals. Basically, you fill all the pockets of a Pocket Letter™ insert or a 9 Pocket Trading Card Protector  and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap with you. This can be a one-time exchange or you can keep exchanging these types of letters indefinitely. You fill each pocket with anything you like (stickers, tea bags, a note, washi tape samples, pictures, etc.) A short note or letter is included and tucked into one of the pockets. Then the entire layout is folded up and sent in a standard 10 size envelope. It’s the perfect way to send and collect letters from other “Pocket Letter Pals” (ie people who are sending mail in this format) around the world and a convenient way to store them. They fit perfectly in a binder!

Watch my informational video for an overview and explanation of this new style of sending snail mail and the story behind how I created Pocket Letters™ and Pocket Letter Pals™. Disclaimer: I was so very nervous in this first video… Just be forewarned! 🙂

First find a Pocket Letter Pal on my Pocket Letter Pals™ network. You can sign up with your Facebook to login. Once you’ve signed up you can create a profile, join groups, and connect with others who want to swap pocket mail. When you find someone to swap with, then work out the details about who will write first, deadlines, general info, preferences, etc. After you’ve arranged your swaps, then purchase your supplies and start filling your pockets with goodness!

Here is a basic video about how to make your own Pocket Letters™. It includes tips, tricks, and inspiration!


Still confused? Or have more questions? Click here to read Pocket Letter FAQs.

This snail mail revolution I’ve kicked off is TRULY EXCITING and I’m looking forward to seeing everything you create. Please share your creations with me by tagging me in your posts on any social media shares. I’d LOVE to see what you come up with. Ultimately, just think of pocket mail as a collection of “scrapbooked” letters made with love and being sent and exchanged around the world.

Thanks for reading!

Excited to learn more? Sign up for the “First Class” Pocket Letters™ Intro Course with Founder, Janette Lane


Pocket Letters™ Shop: http://www.pocketlettershop.com
Pocket Letters™ Newsletter & Updates: http://eepurl.com/bB9kwz
To Find Pals to swap with, join: http://www.pocketletterpals.com
Instagram: @janettelaneblog & @pocketletters
Email: janette@pocketletters.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thejanettelane

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