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Today I’m sharing an easy tutorial featuring one of my new Pocket Letter® printable designs! You can watch my pocket letter tutorial on my YouTube Channel: Janette Lane or scroll down to the bottom of this post! The one I’m sharing today is called The Lovey, and you can purchase it here. In case you don’t know, I have an online shop where you can buy printables for your pocket mail, as well as a Pocket Letter Tracker! The Pocket Letters® shop has an assortment of designs for you to use and incorporate into your layouts. These designs are not meant to replace a whole letter, so don’t print one out, cut it up, and send it “as is” to your Pal! The point is to use some elements from the printable to make your own layout. The best part is once you buy the file, it’s yours to keep and to reuse over and over…

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Want to use my pocket letter templates for your other papercrafts? You can! My designs will complement your journaling, planner pages… or even other snail mail, like flipbooks! But what else do I use to decorate my pocket letter, Janette? Well, you can use pretty much anything! Get creative! For this pocket mail layout, I’m using mainly things from my stash such as die cuts, doilies, “doo-dahs”, and even cupcake wrappers to decorate!  Also I always keep a stash of cardstock that’s precut to size (2.5in x 3.5 in). I suggest you create a little box with just precut cards to pull from when you’re crafting. It can shorten the creative process drastically!



I’m including some of the products I used below, in case you’re interested in purchasing any using my affiliate link. I’d greatly appreciate it as I do get a small commission from any sales. Every bit helps!

Here’s the pocket letter supply list:

Pocket Letters® Shop Printable| The Lovey Design
–Tombow Liquid Adhesive:

–Maggie Holmes Floral Ephemera:
–Red-liner Tape:
–Tombow Repositionable Tape Runner:
–Scotch Liquid Adhesive:
–Pop Dots Dimensional Adhesive:
–Tim Holtz Sticker Sentiments:

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