Are You Good Enough For a Design Team?

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Subject Line: Are you good enough?

Dear Pals,

Today I want to tackle a sticky subject in the crafting community–Design Team/PR Team Calls.

Have you ever applied for a design team? When you weren’t picked did you feel like you weren’t good enough? Well friend, today I want to tell you a few things that might help you and the first is this:


As you know, I had a design team call for the Pocket Letters® shop a few weeks ago. (My team will be announced SOON!) I received hundreds of entries. HUNDREDS! And every single person that entered was TALENTED, creative, and downright AMAZING! But here’s something else I’m going to say and I hope you don’t get offended because I’m only saying this to help you in the future.

Sometimes talent isn’t enough.

If you haven’t been picked for the creative teams you’ve applied for, it’s probably not because you lack creativity or skill. So many factors are considered when picking a dream team! Here’s some questions I want you to ask yourself, because this is what you may be missing and or need to work on:

-Do I have an active platform to share my crafts (blog, social media accounts, YT Channel)?

-Does my aesthetic/style match the brand I applied for?

-Do I consistently share my crafts on my social media and blog?

-Do I have an engaged audience?

-Do I have past design team experience?

-Do I have strong writing skills?

-Did I follow the directions on the application?

-Do I take good, quality photos of my projects?

(Read this post I wrote about how to take better pictures of your planners with your phone. The tips I share can be applied to any craft.)

Now let me stress this point…

Companies are looking for people who naturally fit their brand.

They’re interested in working with crafters who already behave like they’re on a design team.

This is especially true if you’re looking to apply to a team as a first-timer. Also please don’t think that this has much to do with subscriber numbers. It really doesn’t.

I picked someone for my team that has a little over 100 followers. Want to know why? Because she’s sharing her crafts with the world and taking it very seriously. You can tell right away that she prides in her creations and has a true passion for it. Her photos are fantastic! And while her blog doesn’t have many followers, she shares consistently, and the quality of her posts is outstanding! Her effort shows in everything she does. Basically put, she’s sharing like she’s already on a design team. (I can’t wait for you to meet her!)

I hope you know that I’m telling you all of this so you can be successful on your applications. I’m seriously rooting for you!

In fact, I know that you have the talent it takes to be on a team… but don’t forget, brands are looking for more than that.

Take some time to consider all I’ve shared today. And if you want to apply for design teams in the future here’s some things you can start doing now to show recruiters you’re really serious about your crafts:

  1. Start a blog and post at least once a week. (WordPress or Blogger offer free platforms)
  2. Start a craft account on Instagram and a Facebook page and post REGULARLY!
  3. Hashtag your posts and engage with others in the crafting community to increase your followers.
  4. Work on improving your photography. (Read this post on how to take better pictures with an iPhone.)
  5. If you’re really serious, start a YouTube channel.

Rooting for you,

Janette Lane

Pocket Letters® Founder & Owner

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