Succulent Spring Tide Printable with Emmanuelle!

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Hello, crafty friends… Emmanuelle, here, to show you how you could make a very easy pocket letter with very few supplies. I love the soft colors Janette Lane used for her Succulent Springtide printable. For this pocket letter, I just added gold… et voilà !!

This is what you need :

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– Janette’s printables (2 x “Succulent Spring Tide“, “Black and White“, Envelope Embellishments and “The Classy“)

– one sheet of colored paper

– 2 different rolls of washi tape (1 large enough to be punched)

– some Baker Twine (same color as the paper… if not possible, use black and white)

– 1 paper clip

– 3 punches (if not possible, 1 will do)

– 2 toothpicks

– 1 black ink pad

– adhesive foam (either roll or squares).

– 1 marker (blue, green, pink or same color as the paper)


I’ll now describe each pocket. To make things easier, I numbered them this way (same thing for the printables) :

1     2     3

4     5     6

7     8     9

Pocket 1 : Succulent Spring Tide printable (boxes 1 and 3), 2 toothpicks and 2 rolls of washi tape.

Box 3 : Trim the “white / green leaves” part – Glue the left side and the bottom side along the edge onto box 1 (tree branches with blue background)… it should make a small pocket.

Make 2 feathers with the washi tapes : stick washi onto a toothpick (both sides) then cut around the piece of tape into a feather shape. Using scissors, snip little diagonal slits all the way around the edge. Then, snip out a few little bits to have a few gaps. Put the feathers into the pocket.

 pocket letters printable 10

Tip : Make other feathers for your penpal and fill the back of your first pocket with them.


Pocket 2 : Succulent Spring Tide printable (box 2), The Classy printable (box 5), adhesive foam, Baker Twine

Cut around the succulent. Add adhesive foam at the back and stick the succulent onto the “Hello There” box. Tie Baker Twine around it.

pocket letter printables 11.jpg

Pocket 3 : Succulent Spring Tide printable (boxes 5 and 8), Black and White printable (box 2), adhesive foam, punch, ink pad

Trim the Succulent Spring Tide box 8. Put it in your 3rd pocket. Cut along the tag and the leaf. Ink the edges of the tag.  Add adhesive foam at the back of the leaf and stick it onto the tag (make sure the ink is dry enough). Use the punch on your colored paper (I chose a heart). Slide the punched shape under the text on the leaf and glue it. Add Baker Twine to the tag. No need to glue your tag on the succulent blue background.


pocket letters printable 11.jpg

Tip : Make several tags for your penpals and put them at the back of your pocket.



Pocket 4, 6 and 8 : Succulent Spring Tide printable (boxes 1 and 6), Black and White printable (boxes 8 and 9), ink pad

Use you colored paper to create a background. It needs to be larger than your printables : (not quite) 3.5/8” X (not quite) 2.5/8” instead of 3.5″ X 2.5″.

Trim you printable boxes. Ink the edges (I used a distresser before inking to create aged paper edges). Stick your boxes onto the colored paper.

For pocket 8, punch shapes (colored paper, washi tape and box 1) and glue them AFTER writing to make sure you have enough space to decorate.

pocket letter printables 12.jpg


Pocket 5 : Succulent Spring Tide printable (box 9), 1 Envelope Embellishment, 1 paper clip, 1 roll of washi tape, 1 marker

Cut around the deer. Use the washi to make a flag paper clip. Underline the black lines of the envelope embellishment with your marker. Cut the middle of the envelope along the lines (stop before you reach the edge). This will be easier if you use a cutter. Slide the deer under the top of the envelope. Add your flag paperclip.

pocket letter printables 13.jpg

Pocket 7 : Succulent Spring Tide printable (boxes 1 and 7), 1 roll of washi tape, Baker Twine

Make a garland, folding washi tape and paper (a piece of box 1) over Baker Twine. Glue your garland onto box 7.6

pocket letter printables 14.jpg

Tip : Put your letter at the back of the pocket. Decorate it with the washi tapes you used.



Pocket 9 : Succulent Spring Tide printable (box 4), washi tape, 2 punches

Add washi tape at the top and at the bottom of your box. Punch shapes and glue them in the middle of the wreath.

pocket letters printable 15.jpg

Tip: Fill the back of your pocket with punched shapes


I hope I managed to give you some ideas for your DIY pocket letter. Thanks a lot for reading! If you would like to follow me on social media you can find me on Instagram : @prettylittlethings_fr

Feel free to contact me if you need further information. Tag me as soon as you have finished decorating your pocket letter. I would love to see what you did and what supplies you used !

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